Story of Our Journey

Cape Discovery Wines was formed in 2010 by a pioneering Australian and Indonesian collaboration with a vision to improve people’s wine experience in Indonesia.

We are delighted that within a few short years we have helped to transform the image of wine in Indonesia and most importantly we have succeeded in our vision to improve people’s wine experience. We subscribe to the simple philosophy that wines are made in the vineyard. So when we first explored the idea of producing wines in Indonesia, we came to a clear conclusion; that Indonesia offers very limited scope for traditional viticulture.

How to make Cape Discovery

We decided to take radically new approach, and bring the best vineyards from around the world to Indonesia. We do this by growing wine grapes and establishing relationships with other growers in various wine regions around the world. We then blast freeze the grapes immediately following harvest. This captures the quality and integrity of the fruit at the moment it is harvested and prevents fermentation from starting.

From this point on our grapes start their long journey from Australia, France or New Zealand, (with more regions to come soon) to our State-Of-The-Art winery located in Northern Bali. Once thawed under controlled conditions, the conventional winemaking process begins.

We adopt International winemaking standards and protocols throughout the entire process, which enables us to comply with all Export and Import regulations in other markets.

Often people ask if the freezing process is harmful to the grapes and the winemaking process. Well, we’re glad to share with you, that its not at harmful at all, and particularly in the case of red wines, the freezing process is beneficial! The extended time on skins prior fermentation, provides a very soft extraction colour, flavour and texture, but without over-extraction of some less desireable characters. The result is rich, intensly aromatic and naturally rounded wines with excellent varietal character.

Our Progress

So far we have won an impressive collection of medals at prestigious International wine competitions such as the IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) held in London, CWSA (Chine Wine & Spirits Awards) and The Cathay Pacific International Wine and Spirits competition held in Hong Kong.